Friday, December 19, 2008

Lion Rider

Boy I hope my uncle doesn't see this before Christmas.
It's his gift, in lieu of a tattoo design I don't forsee myself... you know... designing
I hope he finds it satisfactory, I did get an A- on it.
Turned out pretty snazzy, considering the time I had on it.


pelia said...

Like always, your work is beautiful. I particularly like the coloring and the physical posture of him.

I know he will love it.

Anyway, I wanted to be your follower but I see you dont have the app up on your blogg.

Im sure you can figure out who this is. :]

Love ya!!

Tiya said...

Heyyy! You have the great honor of being my first(and only) commentor!

Yeah I never got around to adding a following app, but it's up there now. Thank you for your kind words, by the way. ;)