Friday, October 24, 2008


Perhaps when I wrote this post originally I spoke too rashly; I felt feelings of lowered self esteem caused by a very rough and what I thought unfair judgement of my skills. I however felt no ill will or need to start drama with Chuck.

What I did do was schedule an appointment with him to discuss why my review was the way it was, and see if perhaps I was not interpreting the notes he had left correctly. I learned that I was incorrect, and through a very insightful talk with the director, got some very useful tips on how to proceed and improve my work.

I always appreciate constructive criticism, and thrive on the advice and opinions of others to try and improve myself. I am actually rather pleased with how the events unfolded. Perhaps if the review had been more average, I would not have sought Chuck's personal council.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have signed up to do an event called 24 hour comics this saturday. It's from 10am on the 19th to 10am on the 20th. I have decided to illustrate a book on my super hero team I dubbed The Heralds. (Not to be confused with The Harolds!) One of the main characters is a silver knight named Absolution.

I painted him today in class in Corel Painter.

He turned out more evil than I was trying for.

Wish me luck this Saturday! Must... Need...Sleeeeeppp....


This was our most recent homework for Illustration 3
In keeping with my desire to merge homework with Caravan Tales as much as possible, I chose to do the Scorpion Guardian Aqrabuamelu. Gilgamesh confronted him after Enkidu's death, to demand to know why humans had to be mortal.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

What have you got there?

It cannot be overstated how much I love the X men, and am delighted that they moved their HQ to my current City of SF. Being a huge Nightcrawler junkie, emo-ized or swashbuckler, when I draw him, he tends to be using his acrobatic prowess to play pranks. 
As it is, Wolverine is rarely a good sport about it.

(as a disclaimer, Marvel owns these characters, I just borrow them for some fun. This particular image however, is miiiineeeeee >:3 )


Sorry for the fat copyright on it but I needed to get this up here somehow. This is my (nearly) finished composition for Caravan Tales, Depicting Ninlil, wind goddess... I am unsure how to proceed, aside from the simple coloring of the flowers and shading the couch...Should I color her, what color? Leave her blue? Make her transparent? Like she is made of crystal? Oy... Such Dilemmas and no time to work.